Supervisor Initial Course

Supervisor Initial Course



A Structured Learning Programme designed to provide delegates with the knowledge, skills and understanding to undertake a RFFS supervisory role at a RFF Category 3 – 10 aerodrome. The duration of course is 100 hours (excluding meal breaks).

Course aim

To enable personnel who will undertake responsibility of watch/incident command to acquire knowledge skills and understanding of the role. Successfully completing the course will demonstrate compliance with the licensing and training requirements of CAP 168 Licensing of Aerodromes, CAP 699 Framework for the Competence of Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (RFFS) Personnel, ICAO Document Annex 14 and 9137-AN/898 Airport Services Manual Part 1 Rescue and Firefighting.

Learning outcomes

As a result of actively participating in the course delegates will be able to achieve knowledge, skills and understanding to demonstrate competence by achieving the following:

State the legislative background to RFFS Provision at UK Licensed aerodromes; CAP 168/EASA/Air Navigation Order and other license conditions

Insight to plan and manage a training programme using CAP 699 guidance

State the tactics, techniques and actions required to resolve various aircraft accident scenarios

Describe the issues associated with incident command and scene management including post incident

Display safe and effective management of incident through to conclusion

Describe the issues related to freight aircraft and hazardous goods and requirement for effective scene management

Explain the issues relating to effective command and control with use of breathing apparatus at incident

Discuss environmental issues impacting on training or aircraft accidents/incidents

Explain legislative issues relating to health, safety, environment and human resources

Explain the impact of Human Factors on workplace performance

Discuss the issues relating to airport security and civil contingency plans promulgated by ODPM

Pre-Attendance Requirements

The course is offered to any individual who is defined as competent in the Watch Manager role. Delegates must be in possession of a valid passport or photo type driving license to enable issue of delegate airside pass.

Delegates attending the Supervisor Initial Course must provide evidence of medical assessment and are deemed fit and able to undertake course activities. Refer to C&LG Document entitled Medical and occupational evidence for recruitment and retention in the Fire and Rescue Service or relevant national standard for non UK students.


Delegates demonstrating competence through a combination of written assessment, and observation during a simulated incident involving small scenarios will be issued with a Certificate of Competence detailing the CAP 699 Performance Criteria for AWM 1 - 7 achieved within the training centre’s Structured Learning Programme remaining valid for four years if maintained in accordance with CAA guidelines.