Initial Fire Fighter Course

Initial Fire Fighter Course



Structured Learning Programme designed for those seeking a career in the airport fire service.  Duration of the course is 210 hours (excluding meal breaks).

Course aim

To enable delegates to acquire knowledge skills and understanding appropriate to the airport fire fighter role.

Learning outcomes

As a result of actively participating in the course delegates will be able to achieve knowledge, skills and understanding to demonstrate competence against CAP 699 Firefighter Role Map core elements:

AFF1 Gather and manage information to mobilise a fire and rescue response

AFF2 Site and position fire service vehicles at an incident site

AFF3 Extinguish fire at aircraft accidents

AFF4 Save and preserve endangered life at incidents

AFF5 Respond to operational incidents requiring breathing apparatus

AFF 6 Operate fire service water pumps, monitors and high reach extendable turrets (HRET) (HRET not achievable at FTG training centre)

AFF 7 Working at height in fire and rescue

In addition delegates will develop a knowledge and understanding of:

AFF8 Protect life and environment from the effects of hazardous materials

AFF9 Incidents involving military aircraft

AFF11 Aerodrome emergency planning

Pre-Attendance requirements

Delegates attending the Firefighter Initial Course must have the capacity to absorb technical information and physical capability to participate safely as a team member in all practical aspects of the programme. Delegates must be in possession of a valid passport or photo type driving license to enable issue of airside student pass

All delegates attending the Structured Learning Programme must provide evidence of medical assessment in form of a letter from occupational health practitioner or General Practice Doctor.


A Certificate of Competence detailing the CAP 699 Performance Criteria for the elements achieved within the training centre’s Structured Learning Programme will be awarded to delegates demonstrating competence in knowledge, skills and understanding following a formal process involving written, oral and practical assessment. The certificate is valid for period of four years provided knowledge skills and understanding are maintained in accordance with CAA guidelines