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Oil & Gas Testimonials

"“At Abermed we are happy to locate our training services at FTG. They provide a good learning environment with great outside training facilities simulating the oil and gas environment . The FTG staff are helpful professional and are accommodating to our training needs. The training centre is also very convenient for the airport and has a good selection of hotels within walking distance.”"

John Aitken
Senior Trainer,
International SOS and Abermed

"“Great learning from the experienced instructors”"

Mark Mackie

"“All students felt the course was a great help for all to improve, learn & refresh not just with the CO2 extinguishers but all variants. Training facilities were excellent & Instructors made the course’s very informative & enjoyable. I would not have any hesitation in using FTG for any future Ace/CHC Ramp fire awareness training.”"

James Campbell

"“Courses at FTG were very good”"

Stephen Hall

"“We have used FTG for running a client assessment centre and were extremely impressed with both the facilities and the professionalism of the staff.  The rooms were ideal for our needs and we would have no hesitation in booking another event at this venue.”"

Alan Clark
Urquhart Partnership,

""The FTG staff are helpful professional and are accommodating to our training needs.""

John Aitken
Senior Trainer
International SOS and Abermed

RFFS Supervisor Revalidation